Juneathon day 8 AND 9!

I failed to post yesterday and nearly did so today! How rubbish is that?! I sit down think I’ll do my blog in a minute then bam! I’m asleep! Not just a bit asleep a lot asleep! So here I am playing catch up.

Yesterday I had a bit of a rest from all of the walking I had done over the week. I had after all walked over a marathon! But I didn’t not do any exercise; Ceinwyn and me played on the #Wii on #justdance4. And I have to say I danced far more than my 8 year old did and she gave up before me!

Today I didn’t fancy my chances outside but I went out with the dogs any way. And we all got soaked!!

It was terrible today! It’s #juneathon for goodness sake! The clue is in the name! Where is all the lovely summer weather we hope to get this time of year? Instead it’s just a continuation of the cold damp winter we experienced.

I saw amazing and very scary fork lighting as I drove along to pick Lloyd up. I had Sophie with me (as well as our Poppy) who is very scared of thunderous weather but thankfully she didn’t see the lightning. We got to the park and tried to stay protected but it was no good we were all soaked completely.

Juneathon day 8 AND 9: 2 miles (as well dancing)

Current total: 30.56

Tip of the day: we took Willow to the vets this morning as she had white crusty bits on the tips of her ears. Worried it could be something sinister the vets was the only option. £28 later we were informed it was nothing to worry about and it’s just doggy dandruff. So if you find this on your beloved pooch, first wash in baby shampoo (as we were told to do in the 5 minute vet consult) and if it helps then you know what it is! Our vets are lovely by the way, but £28 is lots to be told some mild shampoo will do the job!


Juneathon day 7: busy busy busy

#juneathon day 7 was a busy day for the Cambridge dog lodge. It has been school holidays for us and as we are lucky enough to get two weeks, rather than one like most of the country, the lodge is very busy. People make the most of the second week to go on holiday for slightly less than normal. So we had been busy busy busy!

But our poor Poppy, our lovely golden retriever had come into season at the start of the holidays so she had spent that time at my mums. She stayed with Tilly my mums dog so she wasn’t lonely. I went over every day to see them both but we missed her more and more. She’s a big presence in the house even though she’s very chilled out.

So we walked Rufus and Rocky for the last time and today they went home. We managed to get out while it wasn’t raining but we still had hair dry Willow (who’s fur for some reason doesn’t dry!) and towel dry Rufus. Rocky dried himself by rolling around all over his blanket.

Once they were gone the big clean up began – does this count as part of #Juneathon? There was a lot of hoovering, mopping, dusting, moving sofas – then Ben went to bring Poppy home. She was how ever greeted with a bath. For a dog who loves the water the bath is not her forte!

So then the dog lodge was back to normal. Well for a week any way, then I get a lovely new pooch in and the madness starts again

Juneathon day 7: 1.80 miles

Current total : 28.56


Juneathon Day 6: new wellies arrived

So today the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was warm! And my wellies arrived!! Of course they did! No rain today now my new waterproof foot wear has arrived!

But that sun wasn’t going to squash my giddiness! I was wearing those wellies no matter what! So I put on my Jodphurs that I walk in, then put only new Joules striped wellies and off I went with Rocky, Willow and Holly in toe. So to speak.

They were very comfy, and they looked good. Well I think they looked good and I took a photo to prove it.

I stomped round with the dogs for over two miles, thanking that I had them despite it being very warm, due to the very sludgy ground. And to my disbelief the mud and dirt slipped off! So not only do I have nice new wellies but they have magic dirt repellant properties! Wow!

I get home and discover I’m now boiling and for my walk with ickle Molly I decided to wear trainers. Baad decision! The sun may have been shining but the ground there too was just as soggy! When will the ground ever dry up?! But I survived another 2 miles.

So that means I have walked over 26 miles since Sunday! 26 miles! That’s a marathon! A slow one with lots of stops and some sleep thrown in but it’s still a marathon. I’m doing well 😉

Juneathon day 6: 4.24 miles

Current total: 26.76 miles

Juneathon day 5: bugger! I nearly forgot to post!!

We have been out tonight to see Avenue Q at Oldham Coliseum. We wasn’t sure what to expect and we were definitly surprised! But wow! What an amazing show!

So we are talking about it when we come out, talked about it on way home, talked about it with my mum, talked about going to bed. Then I thought what have I forgot?? Hmmm what could that be???

Uh oh! I forgot to blog!! So here it is. Short and sweet.

I did my walking today, 3 shortish walks today that came to 4.20 miles. Thankfully I managed to kept dry. Almost. Still very hungry though!!

I promise a better one tomorrow.

Juneathon day 5: 4.20 miles

Current total : 22.52 miles (not far off a marathon! )

Juneathon Day 4: It’s raining again

Its raining again! uh oh its raining again – well the words are really oh no my loves at an end, but that’s even more depressing than its raining again! So I have always sang it as its raining again. Living in Manchester, UK for most of my life, my version of this should be our anthem.

I was lucky when I did my walks this morning, I managed to get back before any showers started with slight damp boots and the dogs had to have a quick rub down. But then when me and Buster went out, well! We got soaked through! Even my very waterproof jacket was struggling to hold its own!  It was a bit more than rain drops keeping falling on my head!!

Yesterday me and Buster went on an adventure through the woods, where we got covered in mud. Today we went on a different adventure and I decided to do a leaflet drop in an area close to where we live. We were kind of sheltered as we walked along paths and covered by porches and large plants in gardens and didn’t get too wet then. Sadly though on the walk back to Buster’s house, that was when we got soaked!! For those of you who know me personally you will understand how devastating this is not just for me getting wet, but because it turns my hair into Crystal Tips!!

crystal tips

A very good representation of me and Buster on our walk today!

So once I got back home, with very soggy drenched feet (the muckers I bought to replace my very well loved wellies, are proving to be less waterproof than expected!), I had to make the decision that drip drip drop little April showers had extended into June – what is this about? Where is our summer? is it ever going to get any better? – and purchased a pair of wellies! I couldn’t be more excited! No really, I am. And when it said they had been dispatched I just know I am going to be sat by the window each day watching for the postman!

Juneathon day 4 : 4.06 miles

Current total : 18.32 miles



Juneathon Day 3 – soggy ducks and squelching boots

By time I picked Buster, the French Bulldog, up today I had already walked Rocky the black lab, Dexter the Yorkie (who sometimes comes to us for day care – he loves it and gets very giddy when he comes. He’s very welcome and Willow got very excited when Dexter came in!) and our lovely Holly. I’d walked 1.74 miles in the large green area in the middle of the estate where all the bees are. It’s a bee haven but there was a tractor setting itself up for cutting the grass as I left.

So I picked Buster up and thought let’s go on an adventure Buster. Me and him, after some discussion decided to take a path I pass a lot, but don’t go along. Its right by the side of a main road and it’s a hidden treasure really. Well it would be if it wasn’t so boggy and soggy as it was today!

As we walked down the steps along the foot path, Buster gave me a look of ‘are you sure?’ and like I do with all the dogs I care for I returned his communication and spoke back; ‘of course I’m sure, Buster Boy’.

My feet soon started to slip in the mud and where that didn’t happen my boots squelched deep into the ground. Thankfully Buster’s dainty little feet were able to tip toe through the undergrowth,  taking the greener path my human size couldn’t fit into it. He still got dirty though and I considered trying to get down to the little stream to wash both my boots and Buster’s legs.

buster sees something

We continued on and I came to a point where I had to decide whether going back would be a better option than going forward. I made a quick call to Ben who confirmed I was going the right way, and going forward was most definitely better than going back. Me and Buster climbed up a steep incline that was definitely a path, but was encircled with trees ala Sleeping Beauty. Then all of a sudden emerged into a clearing and a style for us to climb over. Phew! I think Buster was as relieved as I was. We can go again now we know the way to go, I just hope the rain starts to ease up and then the ground dries up! That added up to 1.86 miles.

Before tea, I returned back to the large green area near my house ( I need to perhaps give that area a name, any suggestions??) and took with me Willow, Rufus and Jasper. As I thought the grass had been cut. Its a lot easier for the dogs, especially the smaller dogs; poor Dexter got soaked through just from water on the grass. But what about the bees? All those flowers and as I’ve been reliably informed red clover is the best things for bees, were gone! Thankfully I soon discovered as we began to walk round, areas had been left, and they were covered in bees! That time I clocked up a further 1.66 miles.

So does cleaning my duck pond out count towards my #Juneathon effort? After tea, as well as emptying the pond I also dug over the ground. We have very very clay filled soil and it compacts together, so we have to turn it all over. The chickens and ducks love this as they get to go routing in all the soil underneath and find all the grubs! They get a bit too close for comfort as Lucy the chicken did this evening and nearly lost her head and toes! So as I’m turning the soil over I’m also filling the pond up at the same time. The ducks jump in the pool and swimming around. So I think its an ideal photo opportunity. This is what photo I got…

ducks splashing

And soaked to boot! They were very happy little duck ducks!

Juneathon Day three: 5.26 miles

Current total: 14.26 miles

Juneathon day 2 and Writing 101 day 1

As well as taking part in #Juneathon, I have also started taking part in #Writing101 by the Daily Post. It gives you a daily challenge or task to help you get writing every day. And I certainly need this as my blogs are usually few and fair between! So todays challenge is to write for 20 minutes, non stop, then publish (if I feel confident enough) what  I have written. Here goes! Hope it isn’t too much jibberish.


Today was day two of Juneathon. I forgot yesterday to include in my blog how far I had walked yesterday. I walked approximately a mile and a half. This wasn’t actually a true reading since as I had already walked before I decided to take on the Juneathon challenge. So It was more like 3 miles which meant if I continued to do this each day I would be well on my way to reaching the 90 mile mark at the end of June.

I was prepared today and ready to register all my walks. I had 7 dogs to walk, over three separate walks. My first was with the lovely Lloyd the Ridgeback and Sophie the collie cross. I pick them both up and walk them close to where Lloyd lives. Lloyd is a huge boy. Very tall and strong but ever so soft and a perfect gentleman. He always allows me to go first, he stays by my side, he never pulls, he goes where I go, he gets incredibly giddy when I go to pick him up. My husband says if Lloyd was a person he’d be worried! And despite him being this big dog he can get quite nervous of other dogs and can take him some time to like them or even except them. Sophie is the exception. He likes her, he happily sits in the car with her and will go looking for her when she goes ‘off roading’. But that’s probably because Sophie is very lovely.

That walk started me off at just over 2 miles. Not too shabby, especially as the ground was very wet and soggy, and there was lots of very long grass!

Second walk included Sophie again, along with Rocky a huge black lab who we have staying and our own cheeky Willow. Sophie was off lead, but the other two were on extension leads. I mastered the art of using dog extension leads today, I even twisted and turned as we walked along.

This walk was a little less at just under 2 miles.

Then finally I walked Jasper and Rufus our other lodgers, and Holly our oldest dog lodge dog. We covered the same ground so once again approx. 2 miles. At this point it wasn’t raining either and was quite sunny, which is always a bonus. This area of walking is a waste land where there used to be an old secondary school. Covered across this land are thistles and butterflies. And amongst all these flowers are hundreds and hundreds of bees! They are such lovely little creatures but I was concerned I or the dogs would stand on them!

Well here it is! Hope it makes sense!

Juneathon Day two : 6 miles

Current total : 9 miles






Ive signed on to Juneathon!

ok so I wasn’t sure what Juneathon was all about. My friend Sarah from reallyarunner talked about doing it and from what I could tell its all about running every day in June – Sarah had participated in January for Janathon (hmm a theme appears to be running here) and had spoken about it and she was really looking forward to Juneathon. I’d joked about it – I did a little running (up to 10k) a few years back but haven’t done anything recently due to me having a cruciate ligament reconstruction back in November 2013 and I’m being a coward about starting again.

But it isn’t about just running, its all about being active and doing some kind of exercise everyday. And then if you blog, blog about it! Well there’s something I do everyday and it’s dog walk of course! I never really measure how far I go, sometimes its a stroll, sometimes I march. It depends on what dog I have. Or where I’m going. Or what the weather is like!

So this morning me and my children took Rocky and Sophie out for a walk and thought it is a good a time as ever, set off my mapmyrun app and off we went! The dogs loved it, the children loved it, and even though its something I do everyday, it felt quite satisfying knowing I wasn’t just going for a dog walk with the kids but that we were also taking part in something that many others are too! And that we get to see their progress too!

Hmmm now do I need a goal do you think? As I’ve only really just decided to take part in this today and I’ve not thought the whole thing through to the end, only that I would be able to do it every day, I’m thinking I need more to aim for than just to dog walk each day in June, which is a given. If I try and do an average of 3 miles every day that’s at least 90 miles in the month of June, I’ll need a service by the end of it 😉

So what do you think?

A cockerel in hens clothing

A number of weeks ago now we decided that Carlos, our beautiful Legbar cockerel had to leave our garden and find a new home. He was crowing a number of times a day, including early morning (but thankfully as he was in the coop it numbed the sound down a lot) and quite frankly it was getting on my nerves. But not because I didn’t like it but because I was worried about the neighbours complaining. The other thing was he liked to wander into other peoples garden, and though my neighbours didn’t mind him wandering I was concerned that he’d get aggressive, which he had with me a few times. So before any of that could happen I put an advert out and found him a nice new home where he could have his pick of hens and plenty of room to wander.

But something wasn’t quite right. Even though the cockerel had gone, the hens still didn’t seem themselves. They were still very quiet and kept away from us as they always did when Carlos was patrolling round. Pre Carlos the hens would greet us at the gate, stand next to me while I pegged out washing squatting down to be stroked, and be eager to see what treats I had for them when I brought out a pan of peelings. But this still wasn’t happening. We soon found out why.

On the Monday after Carlos had gone, myself and Ben were watching the chickens from Morgan’s, my son, bedroom window. We noted that Pip, our 5 month old chicken that we’d hatched, seemed to have grown over night. She seemed taller and her neck looked longer. How strange, we said, she’s being very bossy with the other chickens. We then went off to do things. But, I was soon shouting to Ben to ask him to confirm what I thought I’d heard: had I just heard a cockerel crow??

We both ran out side to see Pip, our ‘hen’ perched on top of the coop doing it’s very best to crow! How could this be?? This chicken had looked like a hen, behaved like a hen, we treated Pip as a hen! But there in front of us was a cockerel!

Thankfully I had been contacted by a chicken breeder who had wanted Carlos but we had already rehomed him. I gave them a call and they happily came to get Pip. I told them about how foolish we felt thinking Pip was a hen! He told us how he had been caught out before, a chicken when there is another cockerel will sometimes pretend to be a hen. This is what Pip had been doing. Once Carlos had left he stopped hiding, stretched up his neck, puffed out his feathers and crowed! Looking at the below photo, I cant believe we didn’t notice!


Bye bye wellies

Just over a week ago I had to finally admit defeat and stop wearing my wellies. They had got me through a very wet winter and spring, Id worn them nearly every day, even on days when I didn’t need to wear them seen as they were so comfy. And if truth be known, I quite like the farm look so I’d wear my jodhpurs and wellies and off I’d go to Tesco! Any excuse, not just because I was walking the dog!

Any way, Id been wearing them for a while with holes in the back (in the crease) and then a slit appeared in the side, but I wasn’t giving up! A friend even suggested I put plastic bags on my feet before I put them in my boots so I could keep wearing them. I thought about it and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, but only really because the weather was heating up and my feet would be baking.


So I’ve purchased a pair of new boots that are half wellie/half furry boot. They arrived last week. I tried them on whilst wearing my shorts and I think I looked pretty cool, stomping round my kitchen. Poppy was clearly impressed.


Unfortunately, due to the temperature, I wont be wearing them just yet as they are lined all the way to my toes and are snug as a bug in a rug. So I’m going to have to still purchase a new pair of wellies for the days when it certainly isn’t short weather (which I’m sure we’ll have plenty of those days during our usual Manchester summer). In the mean time, trainers it is but I struggle to keep them clean and they already stink! Plus they just don’t go with my farm look at all.

The retired wellies are still currently sat by my back door, completely unwearable as they gave me blisters the last time I wore them. But as I am clearly my mothers daughter I cant bear to part with them! So I think I’m going to cut them down and make flower planters out of them, any suggestions on what flowers to put in them??