Welcome to the dog lodge blog!

I love dogs. No, that’s not true. I adore dogs. Plain and simple. From being a very small child, I have had at least one dog by my side as a companion. I am sat here now typing this with Willow (our youngest dog) lay across my legs, Poppy (our middle dog) spread out beside me, and Holly (the oldest) snoring away at my feet. This is the norm here, no matter the time of day, my dogs are my friends, my companions, and unless I’m not physically with them, they are by my side. And just seeing that written down makes me smile. Its a good job really that the other human members of the house adore dogs too!

I talk to them. They listen. They understand.

All the dogs that come into our care, are treated just like they were my own and for the time that they stay here, or go on walk with us, they are official members of the dog lodge pack. My husband often says the only reason why I do the boarding and the walking is because it gives me a legitimate reason to have more dogs!

Through my blogs I will introduce you to my world, my family, our pets, and the dogs and other animals that come and go. I will tell stories of our adventures, of past animals, of friends animals, have links to videos and photos, of walks and places to visit that are dog friendly. I hope you will like my blog and you will visit often.

poppy big face


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