Thank goodness its Friday …not!

Today has certainly been interesting to say the least! There has been a series of events that have been a mixture of dog lodge and other life interruptions that have seriously hindered my Friday.

The Beagles, Coco and Iggy arrived after the school run this morning. They had already arrived by time I returned home from dropping my children off at school. My plan was to walk with my friend Vicky and her Golden Cocker Spaniel, Ozzy, and take with me Poppy, Holly and the two visitors. Being Beagles, they need lots of exercise, so thought a walk round Valehouse reservoir would be perfect.

We (me, my hubby Ben and my two children Ceinwyn and Morgan) were really looking forward to them coming. Iggy and Coco are lovely dogs, who are very comfortable with us, very relaxed as they are now spread across our sofa, snuggled right up to us. And they settle in as soon as they walk through the door. Today was no exception and they were both greeted very happily by Poppy; yeah, our friends are back! But we prepare for trouble because after all they are Beagles, and left to their own devices they have mischief by the bucket load.

But what we got today was not what we expected. Unknown to us and their owner, Coco had cut her pad outside on the way here but being the excited and lovely dog that she is, even she hadn’t noticed. We didn’t either until there was thick blobs of blood on the floor!

We quickly cleaned up the blood while Coco patiently waited for it to be her turn. I had been on a Canine First Aid course run by Rachel Bean (Canine First Aid Workshop – UK) last year and today I got to use some of the skills I acquired. Coco patiently allowed us to clean it all up then dress and bandaged it. I then donned her bandaged leg with one of Morgan’s socks. She was happy, she didn’t mind. She wasn’t even limping.

A quick call to the vet who said we had done everything we could and arranged an appointment later in the afternoon, as a precaution.

I went on my walk with Vicky and Ozzy, only the visitors were left behind. The beagles are always together and as Coco wouldn’t be out for a walk just yet, she would miss Iggy too much if he was to go.

It was a lovely walk, surprisingly dry and quite warm considering. So when I went to walk Lloyd, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, later that afternoon I wasn’t prepared for the weather that greeted us! Cold, icy rain, that soaked both me and Lloyd – he spent most of his time trying keep his huge frame behind me, being protected from the awful weather! Nothing like the pleasant walk I had that morning round the reservoir! Where were my waterproofs and gloves?!

When Ben took Coco to the vets. The vet was very impressed with how we had cleaned and dressed Coco’s wound. I think the vet was even more impressed that I had been on a first aid course. Sadly, her paw was worse than first thought so the brave girl had to have it stapled and dressed. I don’t think any of that bothered her half as much as then having to wear a cone to stop here pulling the dressing off.  And she’s got antibiotics and has to go back in a few days; the poor little love.

So today has shown me we are quite capable in first aid and that I should always take waterproofs and gloves out with me!IMG_3807


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