Take a chance

I’ve decided that I really need to do my blogs a lot earlier – I started the last two so late and they took me so long that it was past 12 am by time I was getting in bed. It doesn’t help that I have very warm doggies all snuggled up around me; once again Poppy over my feet, Coco stretched down the side of me, her head on my lap, Iggy curled up on the other side of me and Holly on the other side of Iggy. They keep me very warm. So I’m going to keep it short tonight, tell you briefly about our walk with Iggy and Lloyd and finish off with a gorgeous video I think everyone should see.

Iggy came along with us on Lloyds walk today. Coco can only have a little walk here and there so as we had a walk through the fields that are muddy and soggy, she stayed at home.

Lloyd was giddy to see me but was a little nervous of Iggy. That soon changed. Iggy is non threatening and a happy pooch but he’s not allowed off the lead so Lloyd was teasing him a bit trying to get him to chase him then running off! Cheeky doggies!

I am going to finish off with a gorgeous video I saw posted on Facebook a few days a go. As soon as I watched it I just knew I would have to share it on here. Its a lovely idea which I think the rescue centres in the UK should try and do. Though I’m not sure I know what the puppy is thinking at the end. Its the Wake County SPCA Take A Chance Video , its approximately 5 minutes long and well worth every minute. Enjoy xx



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