Those little moments

Its been an exhausting week dog walking and dog boarding. It wasn’t the dogs, it was the weather! Walking through wind, ice cold rain and slipping and sliding over mud takes it out of you and by time you get home, dry off each dog (and in some occasions hose them down) strip off all the layers of water proofs and fleeces, all you want to do is sleep! Well some days I came back, and we all snuggled up on the sofa. Its a dogs life 🙂

Coco is well and truly fed up now of her cone on her head but we couldn’t chance taking it off her. Its been bad enough keeping the dressing on as it is; she’s a clever girl, cone or no cone, that dressing has come off either way and we have found we are quite efficient at dressing a poorly paw! We do suspect her brother Iggy is her accomplice and instigates the whole dressing removal!

They have been lovely house guests as normal and we will be sorry to see them go tomorrow. They are incredibly good natured dogs. They are very loving and very gentle, and have a gorgeous passive nature. They are a credit to their bread and their owners. Oh well, there is one thing; they cant be let off the lead. They conspire against you and one goes one way and one goes another! Thankfully we have not fell foul of this mischief but you can see it in their eyes as they go outside, ‘you go one way, I’ll go the other’ one nod and they’re gone! So these two monkeys are staying on the lead!

We said farewell to the beagle twins today, and hello to Buster the American Bulldog. He’s a big boy, head and shoulders bigger then our Poppy, but oh what a lovely boy he is. He gets a bit giddy, and feeling the full force of his wagging tail is harsh, but its all affection and he just wants to please. Oh of course not forgetting the drool, lots of drool! But its ok, because he’s a big gentle giant. He’s here over the next week so we’ll see what he gets up to!

Finally I’ve been thinking today about the bad weather and how it effects us all and our dogs. Each time we go out for a walk, or let them out for a toilet break, they come in wet and soggy and mostly full of mud. We treat it as a chore, hosing, wiping, patting down, drying, it takes time up doing it. But as I was drying Holly’s paws today after she had been out in the back garden, I looked into her eyes, she looked into mine. She was so patiently letting me dry between her pads and drying her legs. It was such a personal moment between me and her. There was other dogs in the kitchen waiting for their turn, pushing me and nudging me about, but for those few moments it was just me and her.

So even though its a pain and it takes time drying and cleaning, enjoy those moments with your dog, because I know they are enjoying their time with you

night night

buster and ceinwyn


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