The cats feet are cold! brrr

Cleo, our youngest cat (well she carries on as if she’s young when she’s actually 11 this year) has just managed to morph her way through a pet door that has a cover over it, then climbed up on to my lap and her paws are very cold!! Now she has made me cold and warmed her paws up she’s wandered off! Now asleep on a bean bag. Oh the life of a cat!

I’d promised myself I was going to write the dog blog every other day. It’s not quite worked out that way. Lots of things getting in the way. Good things; new dogs to walk and dogs visiting for future boarding, our own lovely pets here needing attention, and of course my little boys 6th birthday. That has been lots of fun, and a very lovely distraction.


Last week we had the gentle giant that was Buster, the American Bulldog. He was adorable and considering he was such a big lad, all the animals, dog and otherwise, excepted him wholeheartedly. We hope to see him again soon as he is already missed.

Ispin, the very handsome Dachshund had his first stay with us when his owners travelled to a wedding. He was a little nervous, but then I didn’t blame him seen as he was so little compared to the other clumsy doggies in the house. He curled up into a little ball each evening he was with us, and snuggled right up to me keeping me warm. We get to see him again in May for a few days.

We had return of Flo the Pug! She is awesome! Completely and utterly crazy girl who was so excited to see us! She has stayed with us a few times now so she’s a bit of an expert at boarding. She is fabulous and we will see her again in March so not long now!

Today I met a fabulous black Labrador called Rocky. What a gorgeous boy he is! Though his tail is magnificent and cleared all the birthday cards down, ha ha! I am really looking forward to him coming to stay in May.

I’ve started to walk a lovely staffie who goes by the name of Mollie. She didn’t have the best start in life, as many staffies sadly do, but for the past 5 years or so she’s had an owner who loves her very much, and you can tell, because Mollie is a very loving dog. Sadly she doesn’t like other dogs at all so has to be walked alone. We are hoping to remedy that, or at least help her through (no miracles) to better her quality of walking time. Watch this space on Mollie.

I feel very lucky really to do what I do. I get to meet and play with all these doggies, its perfect for me. For an hour or so a day, or for so many days a month, I get to add to my pack and make friends with all these new doggies! I just love it! And now whilst typing I have my own lovely doggies keeping me warm. Poppy is lay right down the side of me, close to pushing me off the sofa. Willow is actually now snuggled up to Cleo. So on that note I bid you all good night xx




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