The weather is rubbish but I wouldnt swop my job

Well the sun may have been shining yesterday, but it was still blooming cold! I normally listen to the radio while I’m out walking but I chose to listen to a variety of uplifting pop music ; I found it kept me moving and kept me warm. So if you are out any time and happen to see a mad woman dancing about wearing a blue Jack Wolfskin waterproof, jodhpurs, brown Caldene wellies and a woollie head band being followed by a bemused dog, then you know its me 🙂

When I picked Lloyd up, his owner was in and Lloyd was in the back garden. I had to wait a minute or two before he heard my voice and came bounding in to me. It was lovely having 85lbs of Rhodesian Ridgeback come running at me out of pure happiness that I was there! And it was a bonus to have his owner their to witness the show of affection me and Lloyd shared.

So it really made me think whilst I was out with Lloyd. We dog walkers go out in the wind, rain, very cold temperatures and trek through lots and lots of mud (this winter has been a baptism of fire for me with it being my first as a dog walker ) As a dog owner you get to choose when you take your dog out. Two of our dogs who are classed as ‘old’ take one look out the door at the weather and refuse to go out! But being employed as a dog walker means come rain or shine, we have to go out. I’ve done a number of jobs over the years, many in a nice warm office, but I wouldn’t swop any of them for walking dogs. Yes there is up and down days, crazy days where I think what am I doing but don’t you have those days in every job? So despite the weather, despite the mud and the cold, and the crazy mad days, I think I’ll stick with all that and the always happy to see me doggies x

lloyd 2


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