grrrrr it makes me so mad!

Grrrrrr! It makes me so mad! ‘We are moving house’, ‘I’m having a baby’, ‘through no fault of their own’, ‘we just don’t have the time’; all excuses for getting rid of the dog. Many months old or even years! I know there are some people with genuine reasons, but I’d almost prefer it if people said ‘I didn’t realise how hard having a dog would be, so it had to go’.

It is hard finding time, but surely most people would realise this before getting a dog. Did they not realise a dog would need love, training, care, attention and walks?? Did they not know they would need house training? That they cant be left all day every day alone? And did they not know how big they were going to grow or what kind of personality they might have?

Getting a dog is really exciting and lovely, you get lost in the adventure of finding the puppy for you. Going to see the puppies, they are so gorgeous, how could you not want to just scoop one up and take it home?? But with the internet so readily available with endless amounts of information on breeds, care, how could people not know what they are getting into?? It makes me so mad!!

Rant over, sorry xx



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