Gosh! Its been such a long time since I posted! No real reasons except for being busy and my internet excess was being a pain (same old same old). So due to the length of time since my last blog I thought I’d tell you about the Dog Lodge dogs holiday!

We have a touring caravan and it stays on a sight in Aberdaron, Wales. Its a beautiful part of the world that’s a perfect mixture of gorgeous countryside and stunning beaches. Holly and Poppy have been there many many times before over the past 10 years. Holly loves the sand under her paws and Poppy, well as a retriever she just loves the sea! But Willow has not been before. In fact she hasn’t been any where else before.

When Willow first got there she seemed settled and very excited. Our other family dog Tilly (my mums dog and Willow’s sister) was already there, so it was lovely to see the two greet each other. Though any one would think they hadn’t seen each other for years never mind days! But it soon became clear Willow wasn’t sure about her surroundings.

Willow really loved being able to sit outside the caravan watching the world go by with her sister, but she barked a lot (which isn’t her usual thing) and at all other times she was subdued, wanting to be with Tilly all the time and it was like she had fallen out with me; she wouldn’t sit with me or come to me. The only exception to this was at night time; once I was asleep she would sneak onto my bed and sleep as close as she could to me. One night I found her with her nose pressed up against my cheek and lying along my left side! She was keeping me warm, a little too warm. Then in the morning she would stand at the caravan window watching and waiting for Tilly to come out to play.

Though she did love the beach! Once there she became herself again, running around, digging in the sand, paddling in the sea. A total beach babe!


We think the problem was to do with Holly and Poppy. They didn’t come the first part of the week as Ben had to work so stayed at home. She really missed them. She is with them all day every day and it must have been such a wrench for her not to see them. And she blamed me. Once they arrived on the Saturday however we could see the difference in her. She didn’t bark so much for one and she greeted her ‘sisters’ like it was her birthday!!

Holly and Poppy arrived for the last few days of our holiday enjoying the sunshine and the freedom. We will all be going in August for a week, and the oldest pooches at the dog lodge will be there all week with us. This time how ever Poppy made the most of the beach during her short start and we was able to film it. So please watch the attached video and enjoy along with Poppy her beach fun.

Poppy Vibrations  







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