Sophie the very lovely collie cross

Today was a good day for good walking. it wasn’t particularly busy for me, but it was a good day for dog walking.

For one it was sunny and dry and that’s always a bonus as a dog walker (professional or recreational) and another I got to meet Sophie, a collie cross.


Sophie is going to be coming to us for day-care a few days a week while her ‘mum’ works in her new job.  She has had a few ups and downs during her 8 years but she has a fantastic owner who loves her very much and wants the best for her. I met Sophie and her owner a couple of weeks ago and today we met again and went for a walk on Werneth Low  and this time Holly and Poppy came along.  Walking on Werneth Low is always lovely but its at its best in the sunshine where you are able to see for miles in all directions.

Sophie, Holly and Poppy got on very well. In fact it was like they already knew one another. Plodded along, almost side by side, exploring together. They were all very relaxed. So next week Sophie will come to stay for a few days then she will start day-care. Sophie is going to be a lovely member of the dog lodge.



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