Neutering day in our house part 2

So we had a call from the vets around 1 ish to let us know that the girls were awake after their op. We could pick them up at 4. It was such a relief to hear they were ok.

So me and the kids went to pick them up. Once we got there we received our orders :

No climbing on the sofa
No going up or down stairs
No long walks on or off lead
No jumping about

None of this for 10 whole days. Do these vets know our puppies?? Plus they have to keep the cone of shame on for this time too!

They came out, tails between their legs and walking ever so carefully. I instantly felt more guilt, even though I knew in my heart it’s for the best. I ever so carefully lifted them both into the car and took them home. At the other end they were very brave and walked from the car to the house. Once in they both snuggled on the bed we prepared for them and lay side by side. They didn’t sleep, they sat up, then lay down, Tilly shivered a lot, but neither of them knew what to do with themselves. Poor babies.

Its the anaesthetic of course that was causing a lot of what we saw. I know myself after an operation the feeling of the anaesthetic can be sometimes worse than the op itself! And these two are certainly feeling the effects of that!

I’m sat with Willow snuggled up against me, fleecy blanket wrapped around her as her little furry body shivers every now again. Tilly went home with my mum – I carried her and put her in the car, her huge brown eyes looking at me through the car window – and I’m willing to guess Tilly is snuggled up just like Willow.

Although Willow is feeling under the weather she’s still managed to get the cone off twice!! Oops! It could be a fun 10 days!



3 thoughts on “Neutering day in our house part 2

  1. My little Daisy Mai was just like your girl’s after she was neutered. The the following day it was as thought she hadn’t had anything done, she was very brave! Hope they’re back to good health soon xx Flo’s Granny xx

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