Ive signed on to Juneathon!

ok so I wasn’t sure what Juneathon was all about. My friend Sarah from reallyarunner talked about doing it and from what I could tell its all about running every day in June – Sarah had participated in January for Janathon (hmm a theme appears to be running here) and had spoken about it and she was really looking forward to Juneathon. I’d joked about it – I did a little running (up to 10k) a few years back but haven’t done anything recently due to me having a cruciate ligament reconstruction back in November 2013 and I’m being a coward about starting again.

But it isn’t about just running, its all about being active and doing some kind of exercise everyday. And then if you blog, blog about it! Well there’s something I do everyday and it’s dog walk of course! I never really measure how far I go, sometimes its a stroll, sometimes I march. It depends on what dog I have. Or where I’m going. Or what the weather is like!

So this morning me and my children took Rocky and Sophie out for a walk and thought it is a good a time as ever, set off my mapmyrun app and off we went! The dogs loved it, the children loved it, and even though its something I do everyday, it felt quite satisfying knowing I wasn’t just going for a dog walk with the kids but that we were also taking part in something that many others are too! And that we get to see their progress too!

Hmmm now do I need a goal do you think? As I’ve only really just decided to take part in this today and I’ve not thought the whole thing through to the end, only that I would be able to do it every day, I’m thinking I need more to aim for than just to dog walk each day in June, which is a given. If I try and do an average of 3 miles every day that’s at least 90 miles in the month of June, I’ll need a service by the end of it 😉

So what do you think?


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