Juneathon Day 6: new wellies arrived

So today the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was warm! And my wellies arrived!! Of course they did! No rain today now my new waterproof foot wear has arrived!

But that sun wasn’t going to squash my giddiness! I was wearing those wellies no matter what! So I put on my Jodphurs that I walk in, then put only new Joules striped wellies and off I went with Rocky, Willow and Holly in toe. So to speak.

They were very comfy, and they looked good. Well I think they looked good and I took a photo to prove it.

I stomped round with the dogs for over two miles, thanking that I had them despite it being very warm, due to the very sludgy ground. And to my disbelief the mud and dirt slipped off! So not only do I have nice new wellies but they have magic dirt repellant properties! Wow!

I get home and discover I’m now boiling and for my walk with ickle Molly I decided to wear trainers. Baad decision! The sun may have been shining but the ground there too was just as soggy! When will the ground ever dry up?! But I survived another 2 miles.

So that means I have walked over 26 miles since Sunday! 26 miles! That’s a marathon! A slow one with lots of stops and some sleep thrown in but it’s still a marathon. I’m doing well 😉

Juneathon day 6: 4.24 miles

Current total: 26.76 miles


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