Juneathon day 8 AND 9!

I failed to post yesterday and nearly did so today! How rubbish is that?! I sit down think I’ll do my blog in a minute then bam! I’m asleep! Not just a bit asleep a lot asleep! So here I am playing catch up.

Yesterday I had a bit of a rest from all of the walking I had done over the week. I had after all walked over a marathon! But I didn’t not do any exercise; Ceinwyn and me played on the #Wii on #justdance4. And I have to say I danced far more than my 8 year old did and she gave up before me!

Today I didn’t fancy my chances outside but I went out with the dogs any way. And we all got soaked!!

It was terrible today! It’s #juneathon for goodness sake! The clue is in the name! Where is all the lovely summer weather we hope to get this time of year? Instead it’s just a continuation of the cold damp winter we experienced.

I saw amazing and very scary fork lighting as I drove along to pick Lloyd up. I had Sophie with me (as well as our Poppy) who is very scared of thunderous weather but thankfully she didn’t see the lightning. We got to the park and tried to stay protected but it was no good we were all soaked completely.

Juneathon day 8 AND 9: 2 miles (as well dancing)

Current total: 30.56

Tip of the day: we took Willow to the vets this morning as she had white crusty bits on the tips of her ears. Worried it could be something sinister the vets was the only option. £28 later we were informed it was nothing to worry about and it’s just doggy dandruff. So if you find this on your beloved pooch, first wash in baby shampoo (as we were told to do in the 5 minute vet consult) and if it helps then you know what it is! Our vets are lovely by the way, but £28 is lots to be told some mild shampoo will do the job!


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