Neutering day in our house part 2

So we had a call from the vets around 1 ish to let us know that the girls were awake after their op. We could pick them up at 4. It was such a relief to hear they were ok.

So me and the kids went to pick them up. Once we got there we received our orders :

No climbing on the sofa
No going up or down stairs
No long walks on or off lead
No jumping about

None of this for 10 whole days. Do these vets know our puppies?? Plus they have to keep the cone of shame on for this time too!

They came out, tails between their legs and walking ever so carefully. I instantly felt more guilt, even though I knew in my heart it’s for the best. I ever so carefully lifted them both into the car and took them home. At the other end they were very brave and walked from the car to the house. Once in they both snuggled on the bed we prepared for them and lay side by side. They didn’t sleep, they sat up, then lay down, Tilly shivered a lot, but neither of them knew what to do with themselves. Poor babies.

Its the anaesthetic of course that was causing a lot of what we saw. I know myself after an operation the feeling of the anaesthetic can be sometimes worse than the op itself! And these two are certainly feeling the effects of that!

I’m sat with Willow snuggled up against me, fleecy blanket wrapped around her as her little furry body shivers every now again. Tilly went home with my mum – I carried her and put her in the car, her huge brown eyes looking at me through the car window – and I’m willing to guess Tilly is snuggled up just like Willow.

Although Willow is feeling under the weather she’s still managed to get the cone off twice!! Oops! It could be a fun 10 days!



Its neutering day in our house part 1

When you have girlie dogs in your house, having them neutered (or spayed) is just something you have to do. It 1) stops them having puppies and 2) reduces the risk of breast cancer and avoids infection of the womb. The Blue Cross website explains this really well without being patronising and is to the point. It also explains about boy dogs being castrated.

Ben dropped them off at Tameside Veterinary Clinic this morning at 8 am. They are a lovely clinic who have always been very understanding with the many animals we have taken in there over the years, so I know they will be ok. But I cant help feeling we’ve left these little cuties unaware of what is about to happen, like I’ve betrayed them.

They trust us completely. They look to us for all their needs. They don’t doubt us when we take them somewhere that something is going to happen to them. So taking them into the vets where they will be put under anaesthetic, have surgery, wake up groggy with a shaven tummy, probably on a drip and a lamp shade on their head! That doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do to someone or something that you know trusts you 100%.

But then I think about a dog we had many years ago. Her name was Kiri and she was a black German Shepherd. We had had her since a puppy, in fact I watched her be born as we had her mummy Todd.  I must have been about 11 and my parents decided to let Todd have puppies. It was amazing seeing all 6 puppies born and an experience I shall never forget. One though, the first and the biggest took so long that he wasn’t breathing and me and my mum managed to get him to do so! He made up for it though and didn’t stop feeding! But when it came time for the puppies to go to their new homes, it was heart breaking! Where were they going? Who were the people who wanted to buy them? What kind of life were they going to have? Would they be safe? We had seen these gorgeous little bundles of fur born, been there when they had opened their eyes, watched them stumble around on their little stubby legs, given them their first solid food, then after all this had to let them go into the big wide world, never to see them again. So we kept one, the little all black one who I called Kiri.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about Kiri, I want to save that for another day. She deserves a whole post all of her own. But we didn’t ever have her spayed. We just never got round to it, and we managed it when ever she when into season (that was a mission too! But again, another post, another day). And she did after all live till she was 13 years old! But what she died of in the end was a result of her not being spayed. She developed breast cancer and within a week of us having it confirmed she was gone. My lovely, loyal furry friend was gone. That was 16 years ago and as I type this I have tears in my eyes thinking of her.

So Tilly and Willow going to be spayed today is for the best. As hard as it may feel to leave those two little trusting fur babies of ours in a place where they may be a little scared wondering what the heck is happening to them, the idea of them having puppies and them going to people we don’t know or places where we will never see them again, or the thought of a womb infection or contracting a deadly cancer is believe me far more heart-breaking and scary
than them having an operation that the vets do week in week out.



Sophie the very lovely collie cross

Today was a good day for good walking. it wasn’t particularly busy for me, but it was a good day for dog walking.

For one it was sunny and dry and that’s always a bonus as a dog walker (professional or recreational) and another I got to meet Sophie, a collie cross.


Sophie is going to be coming to us for day-care a few days a week while her ‘mum’ works in her new job.  She has had a few ups and downs during her 8 years but she has a fantastic owner who loves her very much and wants the best for her. I met Sophie and her owner a couple of weeks ago and today we met again and went for a walk on Werneth Low  and this time Holly and Poppy came along.  Walking on Werneth Low is always lovely but its at its best in the sunshine where you are able to see for miles in all directions.

Sophie, Holly and Poppy got on very well. In fact it was like they already knew one another. Plodded along, almost side by side, exploring together. They were all very relaxed. So next week Sophie will come to stay for a few days then she will start day-care. Sophie is going to be a lovely member of the dog lodge.


Gosh! Its been such a long time since I posted! No real reasons except for being busy and my internet excess was being a pain (same old same old). So due to the length of time since my last blog I thought I’d tell you about the Dog Lodge dogs holiday!

We have a touring caravan and it stays on a sight in Aberdaron, Wales. Its a beautiful part of the world that’s a perfect mixture of gorgeous countryside and stunning beaches. Holly and Poppy have been there many many times before over the past 10 years. Holly loves the sand under her paws and Poppy, well as a retriever she just loves the sea! But Willow has not been before. In fact she hasn’t been any where else before.

When Willow first got there she seemed settled and very excited. Our other family dog Tilly (my mums dog and Willow’s sister) was already there, so it was lovely to see the two greet each other. Though any one would think they hadn’t seen each other for years never mind days! But it soon became clear Willow wasn’t sure about her surroundings.

Willow really loved being able to sit outside the caravan watching the world go by with her sister, but she barked a lot (which isn’t her usual thing) and at all other times she was subdued, wanting to be with Tilly all the time and it was like she had fallen out with me; she wouldn’t sit with me or come to me. The only exception to this was at night time; once I was asleep she would sneak onto my bed and sleep as close as she could to me. One night I found her with her nose pressed up against my cheek and lying along my left side! She was keeping me warm, a little too warm. Then in the morning she would stand at the caravan window watching and waiting for Tilly to come out to play.

Though she did love the beach! Once there she became herself again, running around, digging in the sand, paddling in the sea. A total beach babe!


We think the problem was to do with Holly and Poppy. They didn’t come the first part of the week as Ben had to work so stayed at home. She really missed them. She is with them all day every day and it must have been such a wrench for her not to see them. And she blamed me. Once they arrived on the Saturday however we could see the difference in her. She didn’t bark so much for one and she greeted her ‘sisters’ like it was her birthday!!

Holly and Poppy arrived for the last few days of our holiday enjoying the sunshine and the freedom. We will all be going in August for a week, and the oldest pooches at the dog lodge will be there all week with us. This time how ever Poppy made the most of the beach during her short start and we was able to film it. So please watch the attached video and enjoy along with Poppy her beach fun.

Poppy Vibrations  






grrrrr it makes me so mad!

Grrrrrr! It makes me so mad! ‘We are moving house’, ‘I’m having a baby’, ‘through no fault of their own’, ‘we just don’t have the time’; all excuses for getting rid of the dog. Many months old or even years! I know there are some people with genuine reasons, but I’d almost prefer it if people said ‘I didn’t realise how hard having a dog would be, so it had to go’.

It is hard finding time, but surely most people would realise this before getting a dog. Did they not realise a dog would need love, training, care, attention and walks?? Did they not know they would need house training? That they cant be left all day every day alone? And did they not know how big they were going to grow or what kind of personality they might have?

Getting a dog is really exciting and lovely, you get lost in the adventure of finding the puppy for you. Going to see the puppies, they are so gorgeous, how could you not want to just scoop one up and take it home?? But with the internet so readily available with endless amounts of information on breeds, care, how could people not know what they are getting into?? It makes me so mad!!

Rant over, sorry xx


The weather is rubbish but I wouldnt swop my job

Well the sun may have been shining yesterday, but it was still blooming cold! I normally listen to the radio while I’m out walking but I chose to listen to a variety of uplifting pop music ; I found it kept me moving and kept me warm. So if you are out any time and happen to see a mad woman dancing about wearing a blue Jack Wolfskin waterproof, jodhpurs, brown Caldene wellies and a woollie head band being followed by a bemused dog, then you know its me 🙂

When I picked Lloyd up, his owner was in and Lloyd was in the back garden. I had to wait a minute or two before he heard my voice and came bounding in to me. It was lovely having 85lbs of Rhodesian Ridgeback come running at me out of pure happiness that I was there! And it was a bonus to have his owner their to witness the show of affection me and Lloyd shared.

So it really made me think whilst I was out with Lloyd. We dog walkers go out in the wind, rain, very cold temperatures and trek through lots and lots of mud (this winter has been a baptism of fire for me with it being my first as a dog walker ) As a dog owner you get to choose when you take your dog out. Two of our dogs who are classed as ‘old’ take one look out the door at the weather and refuse to go out! But being employed as a dog walker means come rain or shine, we have to go out. I’ve done a number of jobs over the years, many in a nice warm office, but I wouldn’t swop any of them for walking dogs. Yes there is up and down days, crazy days where I think what am I doing but don’t you have those days in every job? So despite the weather, despite the mud and the cold, and the crazy mad days, I think I’ll stick with all that and the always happy to see me doggies x

lloyd 2

The cats feet are cold! brrr

Cleo, our youngest cat (well she carries on as if she’s young when she’s actually 11 this year) has just managed to morph her way through a pet door that has a cover over it, then climbed up on to my lap and her paws are very cold!! Now she has made me cold and warmed her paws up she’s wandered off! Now asleep on a bean bag. Oh the life of a cat!

I’d promised myself I was going to write the dog blog every other day. It’s not quite worked out that way. Lots of things getting in the way. Good things; new dogs to walk and dogs visiting for future boarding, our own lovely pets here needing attention, and of course my little boys 6th birthday. That has been lots of fun, and a very lovely distraction.


Last week we had the gentle giant that was Buster, the American Bulldog. He was adorable and considering he was such a big lad, all the animals, dog and otherwise, excepted him wholeheartedly. We hope to see him again soon as he is already missed.

Ispin, the very handsome Dachshund had his first stay with us when his owners travelled to a wedding. He was a little nervous, but then I didn’t blame him seen as he was so little compared to the other clumsy doggies in the house. He curled up into a little ball each evening he was with us, and snuggled right up to me keeping me warm. We get to see him again in May for a few days.

We had return of Flo the Pug! She is awesome! Completely and utterly crazy girl who was so excited to see us! She has stayed with us a few times now so she’s a bit of an expert at boarding. She is fabulous and we will see her again in March so not long now!

Today I met a fabulous black Labrador called Rocky. What a gorgeous boy he is! Though his tail is magnificent and cleared all the birthday cards down, ha ha! I am really looking forward to him coming to stay in May.

I’ve started to walk a lovely staffie who goes by the name of Mollie. She didn’t have the best start in life, as many staffies sadly do, but for the past 5 years or so she’s had an owner who loves her very much, and you can tell, because Mollie is a very loving dog. Sadly she doesn’t like other dogs at all so has to be walked alone. We are hoping to remedy that, or at least help her through (no miracles) to better her quality of walking time. Watch this space on Mollie.

I feel very lucky really to do what I do. I get to meet and play with all these doggies, its perfect for me. For an hour or so a day, or for so many days a month, I get to add to my pack and make friends with all these new doggies! I just love it! And now whilst typing I have my own lovely doggies keeping me warm. Poppy is lay right down the side of me, close to pushing me off the sofa. Willow is actually now snuggled up to Cleo. So on that note I bid you all good night xx



Those little moments

Its been an exhausting week dog walking and dog boarding. It wasn’t the dogs, it was the weather! Walking through wind, ice cold rain and slipping and sliding over mud takes it out of you and by time you get home, dry off each dog (and in some occasions hose them down) strip off all the layers of water proofs and fleeces, all you want to do is sleep! Well some days I came back, and we all snuggled up on the sofa. Its a dogs life 🙂

Coco is well and truly fed up now of her cone on her head but we couldn’t chance taking it off her. Its been bad enough keeping the dressing on as it is; she’s a clever girl, cone or no cone, that dressing has come off either way and we have found we are quite efficient at dressing a poorly paw! We do suspect her brother Iggy is her accomplice and instigates the whole dressing removal!

They have been lovely house guests as normal and we will be sorry to see them go tomorrow. They are incredibly good natured dogs. They are very loving and very gentle, and have a gorgeous passive nature. They are a credit to their bread and their owners. Oh well, there is one thing; they cant be let off the lead. They conspire against you and one goes one way and one goes another! Thankfully we have not fell foul of this mischief but you can see it in their eyes as they go outside, ‘you go one way, I’ll go the other’ one nod and they’re gone! So these two monkeys are staying on the lead!

We said farewell to the beagle twins today, and hello to Buster the American Bulldog. He’s a big boy, head and shoulders bigger then our Poppy, but oh what a lovely boy he is. He gets a bit giddy, and feeling the full force of his wagging tail is harsh, but its all affection and he just wants to please. Oh of course not forgetting the drool, lots of drool! But its ok, because he’s a big gentle giant. He’s here over the next week so we’ll see what he gets up to!

Finally I’ve been thinking today about the bad weather and how it effects us all and our dogs. Each time we go out for a walk, or let them out for a toilet break, they come in wet and soggy and mostly full of mud. We treat it as a chore, hosing, wiping, patting down, drying, it takes time up doing it. But as I was drying Holly’s paws today after she had been out in the back garden, I looked into her eyes, she looked into mine. She was so patiently letting me dry between her pads and drying her legs. It was such a personal moment between me and her. There was other dogs in the kitchen waiting for their turn, pushing me and nudging me about, but for those few moments it was just me and her.

So even though its a pain and it takes time drying and cleaning, enjoy those moments with your dog, because I know they are enjoying their time with you

night night

buster and ceinwyn

Take a chance

I’ve decided that I really need to do my blogs a lot earlier – I started the last two so late and they took me so long that it was past 12 am by time I was getting in bed. It doesn’t help that I have very warm doggies all snuggled up around me; once again Poppy over my feet, Coco stretched down the side of me, her head on my lap, Iggy curled up on the other side of me and Holly on the other side of Iggy. They keep me very warm. So I’m going to keep it short tonight, tell you briefly about our walk with Iggy and Lloyd and finish off with a gorgeous video I think everyone should see.

Iggy came along with us on Lloyds walk today. Coco can only have a little walk here and there so as we had a walk through the fields that are muddy and soggy, she stayed at home.

Lloyd was giddy to see me but was a little nervous of Iggy. That soon changed. Iggy is non threatening and a happy pooch but he’s not allowed off the lead so Lloyd was teasing him a bit trying to get him to chase him then running off! Cheeky doggies!

I am going to finish off with a gorgeous video I saw posted on Facebook a few days a go. As soon as I watched it I just knew I would have to share it on here. Its a lovely idea which I think the rescue centres in the UK should try and do. Though I’m not sure I know what the puppy is thinking at the end. Its the Wake County SPCA Take A Chance Video , its approximately 5 minutes long and well worth every minute. Enjoy xx