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Juneathon Day 4: It’s raining again

Its raining again! uh oh its raining again – well the words are really oh no my loves at an end, but that’s even more depressing than its raining again! So I have always sang it as its raining again. Living in Manchester, UK for most of my life, my version of this should be our anthem.

I was lucky when I did my walks this morning, I managed to get back before any showers started with slight damp boots and the dogs had to have a quick rub down. But then when me and Buster went out, well! We got soaked through! Even my very waterproof jacket was struggling to hold its own!  It was a bit more than rain drops keeping falling on my head!!

Yesterday me and Buster went on an adventure through the woods, where we got covered in mud. Today we went on a different adventure and I decided to do a leaflet drop in an area close to where we live. We were kind of sheltered as we walked along paths and covered by porches and large plants in gardens and didn’t get too wet then. Sadly though on the walk back to Buster’s house, that was when we got soaked!! For those of you who know me personally you will understand how devastating this is not just for me getting wet, but because it turns my hair into Crystal Tips!!

crystal tips

A very good representation of me and Buster on our walk today!

So once I got back home, with very soggy drenched feet (the muckers I bought to replace my very well loved wellies, are proving to be less waterproof than expected!), I had to make the decision that drip drip drop little April showers had extended into June – what is this about? Where is our summer? is it ever going to get any better? – and purchased a pair of wellies! I couldn’t be more excited! No really, I am. And when it said they had been dispatched I just know I am going to be sat by the window each day watching for the postman!

Juneathon day 4 : 4.06 miles

Current total : 18.32 miles




Bye bye wellies

Just over a week ago I had to finally admit defeat and stop wearing my wellies. They had got me through a very wet winter and spring, Id worn them nearly every day, even on days when I didn’t need to wear them seen as they were so comfy. And if truth be known, I quite like the farm look so I’d wear my jodhpurs and wellies and off I’d go to Tesco! Any excuse, not just because I was walking the dog!

Any way, Id been wearing them for a while with holes in the back (in the crease) and then a slit appeared in the side, but I wasn’t giving up! A friend even suggested I put plastic bags on my feet before I put them in my boots so I could keep wearing them. I thought about it and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, but only really because the weather was heating up and my feet would be baking.


So I’ve purchased a pair of new boots that are half wellie/half furry boot. They arrived last week. I tried them on whilst wearing my shorts and I think I looked pretty cool, stomping round my kitchen. Poppy was clearly impressed.


Unfortunately, due to the temperature, I wont be wearing them just yet as they are lined all the way to my toes and are snug as a bug in a rug. So I’m going to have to still purchase a new pair of wellies for the days when it certainly isn’t short weather (which I’m sure we’ll have plenty of those days during our usual Manchester summer). In the mean time, trainers it is but I struggle to keep them clean and they already stink! Plus they just don’t go with my farm look at all.

The retired wellies are still currently sat by my back door, completely unwearable as they gave me blisters the last time I wore them. But as I am clearly my mothers daughter I cant bear to part with them! So I think I’m going to cut them down and make flower planters out of them, any suggestions on what flowers to put in them??