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Juneathon Day 3 – soggy ducks and squelching boots

By time I picked Buster, the French Bulldog, up today I had already walked Rocky the black lab, Dexter the Yorkie (who sometimes comes to us for day care – he loves it and gets very giddy when he comes. He’s very welcome and Willow got very excited when Dexter came in!) and our lovely Holly. I’d walked 1.74 miles in the large green area in the middle of the estate where all the bees are. It’s a bee haven but there was a tractor setting itself up for cutting the grass as I left.

So I picked Buster up and thought let’s go on an adventure Buster. Me and him, after some discussion decided to take a path I pass a lot, but don’t go along. Its right by the side of a main road and it’s a hidden treasure really. Well it would be if it wasn’t so boggy and soggy as it was today!

As we walked down the steps along the foot path, Buster gave me a look of ‘are you sure?’ and like I do with all the dogs I care for I returned his communication and spoke back; ‘of course I’m sure, Buster Boy’.

My feet soon started to slip in the mud and where that didn’t happen my boots squelched deep into the ground. Thankfully Buster’s dainty little feet were able to tip toe through the undergrowth,  taking the greener path my human size couldn’t fit into it. He still got dirty though and I considered trying to get down to the little stream to wash both my boots and Buster’s legs.

buster sees something

We continued on and I came to a point where I had to decide whether going back would be a better option than going forward. I made a quick call to Ben who confirmed I was going the right way, and going forward was most definitely better than going back. Me and Buster climbed up a steep incline that was definitely a path, but was encircled with trees ala Sleeping Beauty. Then all of a sudden emerged into a clearing and a style for us to climb over. Phew! I think Buster was as relieved as I was. We can go again now we know the way to go, I just hope the rain starts to ease up and then the ground dries up! That added up to 1.86 miles.

Before tea, I returned back to the large green area near my house ( I need to perhaps give that area a name, any suggestions??) and took with me Willow, Rufus and Jasper. As I thought the grass had been cut. Its a lot easier for the dogs, especially the smaller dogs; poor Dexter got soaked through just from water on the grass. But what about the bees? All those flowers and as I’ve been reliably informed red clover is the best things for bees, were gone! Thankfully I soon discovered as we began to walk round, areas had been left, and they were covered in bees! That time I clocked up a further 1.66 miles.

So does cleaning my duck pond out count towards my #Juneathon effort? After tea, as well as emptying the pond I also dug over the ground. We have very very clay filled soil and it compacts together, so we have to turn it all over. The chickens and ducks love this as they get to go routing in all the soil underneath and find all the grubs! They get a bit too close for comfort as Lucy the chicken did this evening and nearly lost her head and toes! So as I’m turning the soil over I’m also filling the pond up at the same time. The ducks jump in the pool and swimming around. So I think its an ideal photo opportunity. This is what photo I got…

ducks splashing

And soaked to boot! They were very happy little duck ducks!

Juneathon Day three: 5.26 miles

Current total: 14.26 miles


A much better day

So today was a much better day. So much more relaxed than yesterday. Phew!

Coco and her poorly paw is doing well. She’s fed up with the cone she has to wear and the sock over her bandaged foot, but she is turning out to be a very good patient. She is taking her medicine well and resting up.

Today we had a visit from Buster the American Bulldog and his family. He’s a big boy and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the other dogs in the house. He came in, had a sniff about. My oldest dog Holly is always left in the living room when a dog comes to visit. She’s relaxed, chilled out, she knows the procedure and most importantly she IS the boss. Holly met him first while the others were all in the kitchen watching through the kitchen gate. Holly approved so we let the others in one at a time. They all said hello, Buster said hello back. No growling, no argy bargy, some sniffing and tails wagged. Buster was excepted. In fact so much so that our dogs and the beagles by passed Buster and went straight to his owners! Mind you I don’t blame them as one of Busters family was a very cute 14 month old little girl and they wanted to make a fuss of her. So we looked forward to seeing Buster in a weeks time.

The only real excitement of the day came about an hour ago when I ventured outside in the rain, slipping and sliding in the mudded garden to close our chickens and ducks. We have 8 chickens all together with one being our cockerel Carlos and  another being a home grown hen, Pip. These all happily go to bed each night, no encouragement needed. So at night once they are all snuggled up we just close the door to keep them safe and sound. The ducks however (we have 3 miniature silver appleyards) make the most of their time and stay out all hours! We have to go outside and herd them in to their coop. Only tonight I noticed their door was closed which also meant their little chicken pals who sleep in their weren’t in either. I first found the chickens squished tightly into the other coop so as there isn’t enough room I had to change them over. But Carlos was on guard and despite it being late and dark he was very alert and ready to protect his girls at all cost! I’ve been on the receiving end of his beak so wasn’t taking any chances. I distracted him with the torch and quickly stole the extra hens and made my way to the other coop. Now to get the late night ducks in. I chased them round in the mud (in my oversized wellies, pjs and dressing gown) and when they finally had enough of teasing me went into the coop, satisfied that they had provided me with some light night exercise.

I best make a move now and go to bed, even though where I am sitting is very warm as Iggy the beagle is lay across my feet and Willow is snuggled up against my side.




Night night everyone.